Performance Impact, Inc.



The SalesVillage is a high-energy, competitive environment that drives participant accountability and knowledge retention through the use of integrated iPad technology. At its core, the SalesVillage™ identifies performance metrics and critical skill gaps essential to drive lasting organizational value. The power of the SalesVillage gives you:

  • Metrics to instantly identify knowledge and skill gaps.
  • iPad technology that lets you measure and train skills critical for success.
  • A continuous, competitive energy created through the use of integrated, real-time leaderboards.
  • Comprehensive reports with data to immediately address performance gaps, giving you the opportunity to provide targeted and immediate remedial action.

Through the SalesVillage, Performance Impact has found a way for you to tangibly measure the value and return on investment of your training dollars. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity to answer your most difficult questions through an engaging, interactive, and fun environment. Whether you are launching a new initiative, a new product, or simply assessing your team’s ability to meet or exceed your performance standards, the SalesVillage is the solution!